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Quality policy:

Carry out ISO9001:2000 international quality systerm
Quality Education:Long term quality training training to workers to raise their quality sence
Quality Feedback:Revising and improving moulds according to clients' request
Predicbility:In order to solove clients' lost and to increase effeciency,we always think in advance for clients to solve some predicted problems.
Quality Inspection:Making inspection rules,and carry it out according to the rules.

Gongyou is committed to achieving and maintaining the satisfaction of our customers by meeting or exceeding all of their requirements, delivering defect-free products on time. Our Quality Management System is an integral component of our approach to customer service.

* Strict control of the whole manufactory process
* Professional quality manpower
* Precise testing equipment

Our products are inspected at every stage throughout the tooling process: drawing auditing, copper electrode tests, EDM test, wire cutting test, milling machine processing test; finished mould product test and pre-shipment test. In addition, we can be sure to provide customers with FAI, GR&R, MSA, CPK and SPC reports. Strict quality management ensures the high quality of our products that meet even exceed customers' requirements.



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