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Company's distant view 
     Become the outstanding representatives in China's plastic mould trade, make the famous brand of mould

Enterprise's mission
    Train talents, make the customer satisfied, make the staff satisfied, cooperate with domestic and international famous enterprises to implement globalization strategy, low cost, high precision

Manage the idea
    Respect work rigorously, open up practically, implement PDCA and manage the law, all business activities must implement goal responsibility in enterprises, for value and form and look like the relation of formulae of " roller chain ", all linked with one another

The way to choose the right person
   Only use, wash winingly and badly

Customer's view
   Regard customer as the focus

Enterprise's key values
    The society is satisfied, the only standard that we work that the customer is satisfied to think

Quality control
    Participate in wholly, in line with the quality control idea of " a defect " requirement of products, have passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system authentication

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